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Rooftop Messaging: Letters and Logos for Roofs in High-Visibility Locations

Duro-Last® can now provide rooftop signage that is custom made to a building owner’s request. The ability to provide custom made rooftop lettering and logos is unique in the roofing industry.

Our sister company Tri-City Vinyl® can produce letters and some logos out of Duro-Last 40-mil and 50-mil membrane material. The contractor then simply welds the pattern to the surface of the installed Duro-Last roof system.

To begin the process, simply email or fax Umbrella Roofing Systems, Inc. the details of your request, including the desired membrane color, thickness, and size of the pattern. This is an excellent method to provide added value to a building owner with a roof that’s near airports and/or visible from higher elevations. No other roof manufacturer has this service available for roofing contractors.


  • Letters are made out of Duro-Last material, which is applied to the roof using standard single-ply membrane heat-welding equipment and methods.
  • Lettering and logos are available only in Duro-Last roofing system colors and patterns, in 40-mil and 50-mil thicknesses.
  • Cost is estimated on a per-project basis.
  • Lead time is a minimum of two weeks – please plan projects accordingly.
  • Depending on size and shape, the pattern may be produced in multiple sections that must be pieced together on the rooftop.
  • The comprehensive standard Duro-Last warranties cover the Rooftop Messaging system.

For more information about rooftop messaging,
contact the Umbrella Roofing Sales Department.