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Commercial Flat Low Sloped Roofs

We are proud to specialize in the installation of the Duro-Last Roofing Systems, "The World's Best Roof". The Duro-Last single-ply roofing system is a customized perfect fit to your existing flat or sloped roof. A NEW Duro-Last roof can often be installed over an existing roof without an expensive tear-off. Installation is quiet and safe without hazardous materials, loud machinery, noxious fumes or mess. Installation can be completed throughout the year, regardless of temperature extremes.

Commercial & Industrial
Sloped Metal Roofs

The Duro-Last Roofing System, installed by Umbrella Roofing Systems, Inc., is a customized Perfect retro-fit to your existing metal roof because it’s a real roof – NOT a coating!
  • No need for an expensive tear-off.
  • It will not rust or corrode.
  • There are no glues and adhesives to fail.
  • All seams are heat-welded .
  • Highly reflective resulting in significant energy-savings.
  • Will not rust or corrode.
  • Durable, lightweight and resistant to chemicals, grease, high winds and punctures.

Best Warranties!

Our installation is backed by the industries best warranties. Duro-Last protects commercial and industrial building owners with comprehensive transferable, 15-year and 20-year warranties which provide maximum protection with coverage for consequential damages. Duro-Last delivers the best long-term investment value for your building.

Get Under the Umbrella!

The custom-fabricated, single-ply Duro-Last commercial roofing systems are ideal for any flat or low-sloped application. Extremely durable and easily installed by Umbrella Roofing Systems Inc. without disrupting building operations, the Duro-Last roofing system is also watertight, highly reflective, resistant to chemicals, fire and high winds, and virtually maintenance-free.

  • We have installed over 6.5 million square feet of Duro-Last Roofing for private businesses, churches, medical facilities, shopping malls, manufactures, banks, and government buildings
  • Our main geographic areas range from Cleveland, Ohio to Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and from Jamestown, New York down to Northern West Virginia. We have also done projects in Minnesota, Alabama and Florida.
  • Since it was incorporated in 2001, Umbrella Roofing Systems, Inc. has seen continued growth. Our certified installers are dedicated to providing the highest standard of quality and customer service.
  • Located in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, Umbrella Roofing Systems is owned and operated by President Ronald D. Lutz, Vice President Brian E. Ralph and Secretary/Treasurer Richard J. Briggs. Consulting and sales activities are managed by Dan Barie and Steve Nelson.
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Duro-Last Product Line

Duro-Last Single Ply
Duro-Last single-ply roofing system is durable, energy-efficient, installed with no disruptions, code compliant and backed by the industry's best warranties.
Duro-Shield Metal Retrofit
The Duro-Shield roofing system is the long-term way to protect your building against rain, temperature changes, interior drips, ice build-up, and rust and corrosion.
Rooftop Messaging
Duro-Last® can now provide rooftop signage - custom made rooftop lettering and logos that is unique in the roofing industry.
Duro-Guard Insulation
Duro-Guard® Insulation panels provide high Long-Term Thermal Resistance (LTTR) values and contain no CFCs or HCFCs.